Gravestoned is currently on a limited release in Texas, and heads to DVD on November 3. Billed as a horror/comedy movie it tells the story of two hapless stoners who want to break into the movie business. Their one chance to make it into this vaunted industry comes when they are tasked with finding a prop for an upcoming shoot, a severed arm!

Alas our unlikely heroes are not very good at manufacturing the said prop and decide to use the real thing, an arm from a cadaver. The cadaver though, is less than happy at the loss of one arm, and seeks retribution. Filmed on location in Texas, Gravestone is quite the ‘stoner’ movie. My wife and I both enjoyed it.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Michael McWillie and talk about Gravestoned and life in general.

Gravestoned is not Michaels first foray into the movie world, in 1979 he directed a 45 minute long short, or should that be short long movie, Watchers. And in 2005 he worked on Bit Part, this, he explains was a ‘sketch’ a trial run for Gravestoned.

He is recognized as a fine artist, one who specializes in painting Scotty dogs. In fact, he is so well known for this speciality that he was invited to paint President George Bush’s dog. He was also the artist brought in to design the poster and Easter Eggs used in the White House Easter Egg roll in 2008.

I have come to the conclusion that the infamous ‘six degrees of separation’ is indeed factual, I am now only two degrees separated from President Bush. Even the Queen of England is only three degrees away!

Michael McWillie is a most entertaining character, and one that I suspect we are going to hear a great deal more from in the movie world. He is also an unassuming man who gives a great deal of credit to the entire team involved in making Gravestoned. It may not win an Oscar, but it certainly is a fun movie that should appeal to the twenty something crowd. In fact Michael attended a couple of screenings earlier this week, and was amazed by the audience reaction, it was more than any film maker could expect. One screening ended with three young ladies taking him on a tour of the town! I won’t spoil that story, I’ll just say that it certainly sounded interesting 🙂

Gravestoned hits the shelf of you local DVD store on November 3rd, or you can order it through all of the popular online sites such as Amazon, it will also be featured on Netflix.

There is a supporting web site, and for those of you interested in his artistic endeavors Michael has a web site of his paintings, including the two owned by George and Laura Bush.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

Simon Barrett

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