Merchants Of Deception takes up into the murky world of Multi Level Marketing, specifically Amway and its various subsidiaries. You can read my book review here.

Eric was involved in Amway for very close to a decade, he and his wife made it to the lofty Founders Emerald Level, this is a position that only something like 1/25 of 1% of Amway distributors attain. But rather than find himself living in the lap of luxury as he had been promised, he found himself bankrupt, foreclosed on, and in poor health. The 12-15 hours a week to become financially free was actually a 100 hours a week of constant toil into the poor house.

Although Eric and Patty Scheibeler’s experinces were in the 1990’s their story is a chilling one, and one that is sadly even more relevant today. There are dozens of MLM schemes out there, and many are not as they seem. Slick marketing, and deception are their keys to success.

I had the opportunity to talk with Eric Scheibler on Blog Talk Radio. He pulls no punches, and is quite clear about how Amway and its ‘Kingpin’ distributors opperate. There are two very distinct pyramid schemes involved. One by Amway itself, and another more insidious one perputrated by some high level distributors.

Eric has some very interesting statistics, at the working level Amway Distributors have a higher that 99% rate of failure. The recuitement method is slick, it is not stupid people that are conned, but intteligent proffesionals. Lured by wealth, these people find themselves wrapped up in a huge lie. Deception lays around every corner. But it is deception of a genius level.

As Eric explains, there are people who are fabulously rich, they do own private jets, 30,000 acre ranches, one even has his own private island. Well with 8 billion dollars in anual sales, all of that money has to go somewhere!

Eric has made it his mission to expose Amway and its Kingpins, copies of the book can be ordered from he also is the epicenter of a growing movement of disgruntled Amway Distributors that have lost huge amounts of money as a result of their involvement. If you are one of those people, please contact Eric via his web site.

In my review of Merchants Of Deception I mentioned parallels between Amway and Scientology, having spent 40 minutes interviewing Eric I am now even more convinced. Both exhibit cult like behavior, and both leave cult like symptoms in their victims. In fact one group of deprogramers is using Merchants Of Deception as a tool to deprogram ex-scientologists.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

Simon Barrett

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