I recently had the pleasure of reading Rouge Town, you can read my review here. The book is stunning, it reveals the level of corruption in Stamford, Connecticut in the 1970’s. It was not a pretty sight, organized crime had taken over. As Rogue Town explains, just about every aspect of local government had workers on the take. How could this be? Surely organized crime was a thing of the past? It is something for the history books? And I was pretty certain that organized crime was dead and gone. It was a 30’s and 40’s thing. Certainly not a 70’s thing. By the 70’s organized crime was a thing of the past. Surely the problem had disappeared? I was wrong! A quote from Rogue Town:

Own the police, you own the town

I asked Denny and Vito if they would be willing to do an interview. They agreed.

While the book is thought provoking, the interview was mind boggling!  At age 21 Vito Colucci joined the Stamford police department. Yes he was wet behind the ears, but it did not take him long to spot the fact that something smelled bad! His bosses were on the take from the mob. Vito was faced with an uphill battle. To cross them, was to ensure trouble, an ‘exit pass’ from the force, but to join them, made him no better than the criminals he was arresting each day.

Vito took the high road, but it did not come without serious dangers. Working with the FBI and the knowledge of very few people in the Police Department, he took on an undercover role. A very, very deep undercover role.

While Rogue Town is a great read, talking to Denny and Vito was even more fun. A book can only go so far, an interview takes you to new places. I have never read a book that has not left questions. Denny and Vito answered many of my questions.

I know that they are working on Rogue Town 2.0. I can’t wait to see what this will be about.

If you missed the live radio broadcast you can listen to the recording here.

Simon Barrett

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