Crime writer and author Denny Griffin and ex Gambino crime family associate Andrew DiDonato have just published a new book Surviving The Mob. Some might view it as Andrew DiDonato’s biography, but it actually goes much further. While it most certainly is an account of one mans life in organized crime, it also explores some of the deeper philosophies and fallacies about the Mob in New York and elsewhere.

Denny and Andrew joined me on my latest broadcast on my The Week In Reviews series.

In some ways the timing of this interview was ironic. This morning in pre-dawn raids the FBI and other agencies rounded up 127 people involved in Organized Crime in the New York area. All five families were hit, the charges on the arrest warrants were varied. But many involved the usual litany of crimes associated with the families, Racketeering, illegal gambling, extortion, murder, etc.

This was the single biggest law enforcement round up of suspected mob members ever!

I always enjoy talking to both Denny Griffin and Andrew DiDonato. Denny is a quiet man, a thinker, but always has great thoughts on whatever subject you might throw at him. Andrew is slightly different. Andrew is forthright and loaded for bear! In fact, one day I was outside when the phone rang. My wife came out to find me and tell me that I had a phone call. When I asked who it was, she replied that she did not know, but he sounds like a Mobster. Oh, that will be Andrew!

Although I have talked to both Denny Griffin and Andrew DiDonato on numerous occasions, todays program was very different. The focal point being the book Surviving The Mob, rather than some of the wider ranging topics we have discussed in the past.

I was delighted to hear from Denny that all three of his true crime books are currently in the top 100 Amazon Organized Crime best seller list. Surviving The Mob leads the pack in the #14 spot.  In my mind it should be #1, so folks, rush out and order a copy!

Organized Crime has been portrayed by Hollywood as a world that does include violence, yet the people involved have strong morals and strong ethics. Andrew DiDonato and Denny Griffin have a very different version of the life.

If you missed the live broadcast you can catch the recording here. I also have some great news for fans of the radio series that the three of us hosted last year. Surviving The Mob will be returning to the airwaves soon.

If you do order a copy of Surviving The Mob I also suggest that you put a copy of the DVD documentary in your shopping basket.

Simon Barrett

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