I am a huge fan of the Prog Rock genre. I have been since the early 70’s. Oh my goodness I am giving my age away! I recently received a wonderful debut album by Days Between stations, maybe it is more conceptual than was originally destined, but it certainly introduces the very unique musical styles of these two very gifted musicians.

Sepand Samzadeh is originally from Iran, but left that war torn country early in his life, spending time in Spain, Canada, and more recently the US. His accomplice in crime is Oscar Fuentes, born in Mexico City, and now also is a resident in the Los Angeles area.

These two musicians compliment each other, and clearly this is a match made in heaven.

I was delighted when Sepand and Oscar agreed to an interview. It was scheduled for a 30 minute radio segment, but as happens on occasions, it stretched to almost an hour. I guess my only excuse is that there were two of them, so I should have used half the questions!

The great part about it, we did record the entire interview, and you can listen to our great conversation. Oh, and you will also get the opportunity to listen to a couple of tracks by this eclectic band.

Days beyond Stations, are starting off low key, but, it is my guess that Prog Rock is on a huge up-swing, it took a huge beating in the late 70’s, and it has re-grouped. The late 00’s are becoming the decade of the upswing in interest in the Prog movement and Days Between Stations are at the very forefront.

Currently mainly a studio band they are making noises about transitioning to the live stage. Some folks have likened them to early Pink Floyd, and yes, maybe a couple of Days Between Stations tracks do follow in the style of some very early Pink Floyd, maybe Pipers At The Gates Of Dawn, or Umma Gumma, although I personally prefer putting them in the Tangerine Dream bag.

I enjoyed talking to Oscar and Sepand, these are not your casual, at the weekend, garage band, these are well trained composers.

I will also share a secret with you, when I do an interview, I try to get the person, or persons, on about 10 minutes before we go to air. I use the time to cover the questions I am going to ask, that way there are no huge surprises. Although I will be the first to admit that I do like to keep a couple of questions in my back pocket. I thought I had a couple of great questions. They just took it in their stride!

Moog Guitars, yes the Moog company has a new guitar, and my test on their ears to identify a strange, and older electronic instrument (it has been around for 90 years), elicited a comment of “Oh, I know what that is, I have one”!

Great band, great music, great people, give Days Between Stations a try. You can catch the audio interview here.

Simon Barrett


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