Circle Of Fate are a Chicago based band that has been around for a decade. Like so many fabulous bands they are looking for that one break into the big time. They have just released a new album Back To Life, and I think this may well be that big break they are seeking.

When I heard this album I loved it. Yes it is certainly rock, but it has something more to it, some great lyrics, and some very fine guitar work behind them. I don’t with to put a hex on their luck, but to my ear I would go so far as to claim that I hear strains of Prog in their songs. And Prog is one of my favorite genres. In fact I’ll go out on a limb and create a whole new music genre for a couple of their tracks Prog Pop!

Their earlier works had contained some tinges, or maybe, hints of metal, Back To Life has dropped that aspect, instead we have a very bright and vibrant album that is filled with some wonderful tracks.

I am long in the tooth in the music world, oops, I am long in the tooth with the world in general. If you look at almost any album released in the past 40 years, you find that of the 10 or 12 tracks, a third are stars, a third are OK, and a third are fillers.

Circle Of Fate have broken that general rule, Back To Life is an album with 10 world class tracks on it. If they can get this album in front of the right people, they will be on every rock and pop music radio station in the country.

One track in particular My Religion has huge potential, it appeals to the rock, pop, and prog communities, this is a very, very rare situation.

I managed to catch up with the backbones of Circle Of Fate, lead guitarist  Danny Charatin and vocalist Michele Caruso to talk about Circle Of Fate and this wonderful new album Back To Life.

You can listen to the whole interview here, and you will also get to listen to My Religion, and another equally exciting track What If. I also encourage you to check out their web site and their MySpace page. In fact, I encourage you to just rush out and buy this CD!

Simon Barrett

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