I willl make no bones about it, this was an interview that I have wanted to do for a very long time. Damien Lewis may not be a name well known in the US, but he has a string of bestselling books in the UK. He started off as a war correspondent for the BBC and other major networks, including CNN. Fifteen years of life in unfriendly environments armed only with a camera took its toll. A serious health issue sidelined this great reporter.

Damien however is not a person to be stuck on the bench, he took to writing. His books became instant hits. On March 14th his latest book Zero Six Bravo hit the book stores. It rocketed up to the #3 spot on the well respected Sunday Times bestseller list. It has continued to move up the ranks. Although the Sunday Times will not be available until Sunday, I have it on good authority that it has hit the #1 spot!

Zero Six Bravo has already been optioned for a movie. This does not surprise me, Zero Six Bravo is a compelling and true story. You can find my review here. To the best of my knowledge Damien has two other movie projects in the pre-production phase.

To be blunt, I am confused why a major league player like Damien would take time to talk to a lowly writer and reviewer like myself, but he did!

You can hear the entire interview here.

I can not wait to find out what his next project is. He refused to talk about it but I am certain it will be yet another blockbuster.

Simon Barrett

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