Innerkill are a metal band based in Roswell New Mexico. They are hard at work finishing up their debut CD Barbed Wire Noose, release is slated for mid July or early August.

I was given access to a couple of the tracks that they have laid down and decided to track the main man Chuck down for an interview.

Chuck is a pretty unique musician. I have talked with hundreds of musicians, when I ask the question of what instrument do you use when writing a song, most keyboard players confess that the good old tried and tested piano is the choice, most guitarists, regardless of what they may play on stage admit that the acoustic guitar or the piano is the weapon of choice. Not so for Chuck Ivey, he composes on an Electric Bass Guitar! That is a first!

It also leads to some interesting compositions with the bass being used in a non traditional fashion. In fact one article I read claimed that Chuck plays Lead Bass.

Although not mentioned in the actual recorded interview, I do have an interesting piece of Chuck Ivey trivia that I picked up from him prior to going on the air. Somehow I had already had a mental picture of Chuck, I assumed that as the band was just getting itself in gear he likely had a day job to support himself, but what could it be? Well his music is firmly seated in the Hardcore Metal bracket, so I would have guessed that he did something rough and tough work wise, maybe a demolition worker, or a bouncer. I nearly fell off my chair in surprise when he told me he is a social worker!

You can listen to the entire interview here, and you will also get to hear two tracks from the new CD, Deadlust and Gagged and Bound.  Gagged and Bound is a great example of Chuck’s innovative bass playing.

I suspect that Innerkill are going to be in the music press a lot in the coming months. Once the CD is released they plan a southern tour including New Mexico, Texas and possibly Florida.
You can also sample some of their music on Myspace.

Simon Barrett

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