I recently received a a copy of Los Difuntos’s new CD Born And Raised In East L.A. along with a cryptic note explaining that the musical genre was Psychobilly. Well I for one always enjoy a good challenge so I whopped it on the CD Player. I guess you would call this an offshoot of Punk, but it is a whole lot more fun that your run of the mill punk, these guys rock!

I was so impressed by the CD that I contacted the band, the main guy Christian Torres agreed to chat with me.

What an interesting band, how many punk bands can you name that use an upright bass? Not many right? Well try this out for size, how many bands of any genre play a Theremin? Hell most people have never even heard of it never mind play it. This instrument is without doubt the great great grandfather of all electronic instruments, first built 90 years ago by a Russian physicist, it is unique in that it has no keys and few controls, the sound is created by the proximity of the hands to two antennas. this is hardly the stuff that you expect from a punk rock band.

You can here the entire interview with Christian Torres here, you will also get to hear a couple if tracks from Los Difuntos from their CD Born And Raised In East L.A.

Simon Barrett


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