It was my great pleasure to have Bernie join me by phone from his home in the Emerald Isle. Bernie has been a part of the music landscape since the late 70’s. His career has been an interesting one, playing with Ian Gillan of Deep Purple fame, a stint with the illustrious Ozzey Osbourne, even playing in a very punk oriented band.

More recently he has joined forces with John Mckay (bass) and Robin Guy (drums) under the name GMT. They have a new album out Evil Twin, which is a tour de force of Hard Rock, even knocking of the door of punk on a couple of tracks.

Bernie takes us through his career, and gives us an insight into into this gifted player and writer. He also has quite a bit to say about the music industry and how the internet has changed the thinking of many bands in relation to marketing and fan contact.

GMT are currently mostly playing in their native Ireland and in England, with a few gigs in other parts of Europe. It is hoped that at some point they will bring their infectious music across the pond the the US.

You can listen to the entire interview here, and as a bonus you will also get to hear a couple of tracks from Evil Twin.

Simon Barrett

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