I recently had the opportunity to read Granville Brown’s debut novel Choices. I was impressed with Choices on a number of levels. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to reviewing books I am no curmudgeon looking for every flaw, but I likely do look at aspects that the average reader might not. In some ways a book reviewer worth his or her salt is a literary CSI. I wonder when I’ll get the TV contract for that show?

I had the opportunity to sit down with Granville Brown yesterday and talk not only about Choices, but a whole range of subjects.

My wife knows me oh so well, my normal length of a radio interview is 30 minutes and by some force that I have yet to understand always seems to be the perfect fit for the questions I have. Yesterdays interview went almost 50 minutes. Jan walked in just as I was signing off the air. Her only comment was “You obviously liked that book”. She is a perceptive lady!

Granville Brown is an engaging and interesting man to talk with. He has had a varied career, and that is probably one of the reasons. Having been through the Insurance industry, and Sales and Marketing, he now focuses on being a Life Coach.

You can find out more about Granville Brown from his web site and you can catch the entire interview here.

Simon Barrett

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