Trace Hacquard has just published a fabulous book, in it he poses the question is rock dead?

As a music reviewer this is indeed a question that I ask myself frequently. While I do not think it is dead, I certainly think it is seriously wounded. Sure, many of the classic bands from the 70’s and 80’s are still going, but they are no longer filling 60,000 seat arenas, and unfortunately they will not live forever. Where are the bands that will take their place?

After reading Deadlines And Commitments I decided that I needed to interview Trace Hacquard, I wanted to explore in more depth his thoughts and feelings on the subject of Rock music.

Trace took a 3 month sojourn in the summer of 2006 to roam the country and try and gauge the pulse of the music industry. His findings were and are, very mixed.

While he sees hope in such bands as Tom petty and Pearl Jam rock is slowly becoming a minority sport. One of the contributing factors is commercial radio. The stations are by and large owned by a very few mega corporations, cost cutting and consolidations has led to standardized play lists, with no opportunity for up and coming bands.

Trace Hacquard is an interesting character and has a pretty compendious knowledge of the music world. He is a High School teacher by trade, but is currently working on his PhD in Journalism. He is also an aspiring music writer, I think we will be hearing more about Trace in the future.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

You can order your copy of Deadlines And Commitments from Amazon. Trace also has a Myspace page and what modern person does not Twitter?

Simon Barrett

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