Steve Billings has just published his debut novel Real Cops – Wear Uniforms And Ride In Patrol Cars. He is himself a 24 year veteran of the Police force, which makes him well qualified to write such a book. I enjoyed Real Cops a great deal, as you can see from my review.

Many of the subplots are beyond bizarre, my absolute favorite concerns the waring lesbians. One has locked herself in the bedroom, and the other has amassed the pots, pans, and plates on the balcony and with the accuracy of a major league pitcher, is hurling them at anything that moves below, including the police.

I just had to interview Steve Billings, this fertile mind intrigued me.

Well, was I in for a surprise, other than the romantic subplot between the two main characters, the entire book is based on actual events! The waring lesbians actually happened!

He also makes much of the character ‘Pops’. A 30 plus year veteran of the force who has seen it all. Pops is the Websters very definition of cynicism. Steve assures me pops is the real meal deal. There is a Pops, and he is every bit as delightful as the one in the book.

One thing became abundantly clear from talking to Steve Billings, the real world of being a policeman is a far different one than we are led to believe on TV.

Real Cops is a great read, and you can purchase it from Amazon, Steve also has a small web page. You can listen to the entire conversation here.

Simon Barrett

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