cover.jpgI enjoyed Prodigal Sons a great deal, I think that likely comes out in my review of it. I am a student of history, particularly the cold war era. Prodigal Sons is set in 1950, in Germany, and pits the newly formed Israel against the remnants of the Nazi organization.

After I had read the book, I had many questions swirling around in my mind. It is clearly a work of fiction, yet many aspects of the story seemed to have their roots in reality. I wanted to get to the real story. So, using my huge media clout (I sent an email), and asked Sheldon if he would be interested in doing an interview (I groveled a lot). I got lucky, Sheldon agreed.

Sheldon Greene is an interesting man, a lawyer by trade, he also is well traveled, and my suspicions about him having spent time in Munich, Germany were well founded. He uses the city as the backdrop for Prodigal Sons, and does it with such detail that it could not just be based on some vicarious internet explorations. It transpires that he has good friends that call Munich home, and he and his family know the area well. In fact the house, actually a more accurate term might be Schloss used in the book is a very real building.

Although it is not played up in the book, I was pretty certain that Sheldon had used an actual organization as the ‘bad guy’. My first thoughts were the ODESSA, a group set up to help relocate Nazi party members after WWII. But the ODESSA did not seem to exactly fit the group that Sheldon was referring to. It seemed more likely that he was using Die Spinner (The Spider). Indeed he was. But did not realize it until after writing the book!

This is but one fascinating aspect of our discussion. You can catch the whole interview here, and trust me, we roam around. From the 1950 Germany environment to Green Energy in the 21st century, it is all covered.

Prodigal Sons
is not Sheldon Greene’s first dip into the world of writing, it is his third, and work continues on number four. Based on Prodigal Sons I just know that I am going to have to dip into his other books.

Prodigal Sons is available from Amazon, and there is also a companion web site.

Simon Barrett

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