I am likely one of the few people that can honestly say that I enjoy my job. I get to read books, and talk to the authors. Generally I can tell how an interview will unfold just on the book itself. I read No Mad, and was firmly convinced that Sam Moffie and I would get along just fine.

You can actually tell a great deal about an author just based on the book. I guess you could call it literary DNA. No Mad had the literary DNA that I found a kindred spirit in.

He was my guest today on Blog Talk Radio, and although we had the show scheduled for the regular 30 minute slot, somehow it extended itself to 50 minutes! And could indeed have gone on for much longer than that.

No Mad is a great read, the premise is that an author has been contracted to write a new book, to take himself back a quarter of a century and discover what has happened to his old classmates. As Sam pointed out, these encounters occur on their turf. His main character Aaron travels the country to re-connect with people that he has not seen in 25 years.

As with most of my interviews, oh and reviews come to think about it, we took off on a number of tangents. Music, drugs, life in general, they all came into play. We even discussed the best place in Youngstown, Ohio, to get a nice cold beer and a bite to eat.

Sam has done well in the literary world, No Mad is his third book, and he has garnered some great critical acclaim. The problem as I see it is that 300,000 new titles hit the market every year. You have to be sharp to make your book stand out. Sam has done that. He has assembled a great team to back him up. In fact he told a great story on air. His main character Aaron loves Newmans Virgin Lemonade, Sam wanted to explain the reason why. The editor took out her big red pen and nixed the 60 pages of the original manuscript that described the reason why.

I do a ‘Top 10’ book list every December. I have just found the fifth entry for 2009.

You can listen to the interview here, and I am sure that you will want to get your own copy of No Mad from Amazon. Sam also has a web site.

Simon Barrett

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