Rob Costelloe is an interesting guy, he currently has two books in print Coinage Of Commitment and the just released Pocket Piece Cameo. What sets Rob apart is the underlaying theme behind his writing. They are love stories, though not the gushy Chick Lit type stories that adorn the Harlequin aisle at your local book store. These are stories where love as an emotion, or maybe even a state of mind, is explored for its deeper meaning.

I have to admit that when I first saw Coinage Of Commitment in my mail box I was a little dubious, as a reviewer I read many different genres but the idea of tackling what looked like a mushy love saga was  stretching it. I did what I always do under these circumstances, read all of the other books I have first! The day dawned though that Coinage was the last remaining book on my to do list, and with gritted teeth I sat down and plowed in. I was shocked! Coinage was a wonderfully crafted and thought provoking book.

A few weeks ago Rob Costelloe contacted me and asked if I would be interested in a review copy of Pocket Piece Cameo. Without reservation I said “You bet”. This time there was no hesitation, 30 minutes after the book arrived I had my nose buried in it. Once again Rob Costelloe takes us on a journey of exploration of this concept called love.

I have to admit that my interest was piqued, who is Rob Costelleo and what drives him? I decided to find out, and what better way than asking him.

Rob graciously agreed to be a guest on my radio show The Week In Reviews.

Rob turned out to be a very affable and approachable man, and indeed his writing reflects his nature. To read Coinage Of Commitment or Pocket Piece Cameo is to know him. Our interview was scheduled for a 30 minute radio slot, and like all of my interviews it ran over! the good news is that while the live version did indeed stop at the 30 minute mark, the recording did not.

If you are at a loss for what to buy your wife or girlfriend for Christmas, why not listen to this interview and I am pretty sure that you will be heading to to order both of these very fine books.

Simon Barrett

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