Suspense/Mystery author Richard Roach was born in 1931 in Galveston, Texas. Short stories of his have been published in Man’s Story 2, Happy 2007, Vol. 20 and Bibliophilos 2006, Vol. 42. His first novel, Scattered Leaves, hit the book stores on September 1, ’08, and his second novel, Scattered Money, will be published in 2009.

Thank you for this interview, Richard. Can we begin by asking how you came up with the idea to write Scattered Leaves?

Ben McCord took control of my mind and body. He was at me both day and night. Even in my dreams he plagued me; not a moment of peace came my way until I agreed to his demands. I told him I couldn’t write in the first person—he said he didn’t give a damn—I told him I only wrote in the third person. I told him, “Editors don’t like first person stories,” it didn’t matter. When I named the story Scattered Bloody Leaves, he changed it to Scattered Leaves. The whole idea was his! From start to finish, blame Ben McCord!

How did you come up with such an intriguing title?

In a nightmare, I guess. There are four books with that name on Amazon.

You write under the suspense/mystery genre? Did you choose it or did it choose you?

Except for Heaven, Hell or Hondo, all my books deal with crime fiction.

How did you get your book published?

An Angel of the Northwoods happened to like it and convinced Multi-Media to print it.

Most writers have a fear of never being published. Can you give them some pointers?

I am full of fears myself, I know the feeling well. My advice is simple; keep on writing, you’ll hit the jackpot sooner or later.

What’s your opinion on selling your book at bookstores versus selling your book online? Do you prefer one over the other?

Naturally I prefer the bookstores, you make more money. But, as time goes on, the internet will probably win out.

Do you have more books planned in the future?

Oh, yes! There’s three in the Scattered series. Scattered Lives is scheduled to be released this year. Hopefully, Scattered Money will follow.

Thank you for this interview, Richard. Would you like to tell everyone where they can find you online?

Thank you for having me.

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