Patrick has just released a wonderful book The Silent Note. This is a book that contains some powerful and not unlikely ideas. An old Piano is bought at auction and inside is a small box containing some letters dated between 1915-1917. The letters reveal a different world, a romance of the type that we in the fast paced internet world can likely not understand, there is also a mystery within these letters, a mystery that has been 80 years in the making.

Patrick Davis graciously agreed to an interview.

A resident of the Southern California town of Poway, and a long time employee of the Sony company he finally succumbed to the drug of writing. An urge that he has had since early adulthood. Patrick’s problem was that he could never come up with a plot. It is easy to put words one after another on a sheet of paper, or in the cavernous innards of a computer, but it is entirely different to have a whole story.

The Silent Note was a book that took 11 years to come to fruition. And the story’s origin is worthy of discussion. Patrick has long had a fascination with things from a bygone era, he and I share that interest. I often look at some old piece of furniture, or decoration and wonder who owned it before? What stories lay in this inanimate object?

Two events triggered the writing of The Silent Note, Patrick became the proud owner of an old piano, one that became the centerpiece of the families living room, he also crafted a small trinket box for his wife, she proudly displayed it on top of the piano. One day Patrick decided to investigate the age and manufacturer of the piano, in its dusty bowls he found the name and the serial number, but not the date.

What if the new trinket box was old? What if it was hidden inside the piano? What if the box contained some letters? What if the letters were between young lovers?

A book was born!

You can hear the whole interview with Patrick Davis here.

Simon Barrett

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