Patricia Tye is a newcomer to the title of author. Her first book Righteousness has just hit the road running. If you like fast paced action, this is one book that you will not want to miss. In under 200 pages she manages to explore two complete story scenarios. I think it would be fair to say that literally something happens on every page.

I caught up with Patricia Tye on Blog Talk Radio, and asked her about the writing experience.

It turns out that although she did do some writing in her teens, it was a ‘disease’ that went into remission for a number of years, it started to flourish again only recently. Apparently the plot for Righteousness came to Patrica in a particularly vivid dream, and the game was on!

In talking to Patricia it is plain that writing has become a passion. A first time author faces many challenges, writing the original manuscript is merely the first step in the process, now the author must make some tough decisions, to take the traditional publishing route and face the inevitable uphill struggle of finding an agent and a publisher, or go it alone, and take the Print On Demand path. Patrica decided to use POD publisher AuthorHouse, and seems to have made a wise choice, AuthorHouse are well known in the industry and have excellent distribution channels.

One of the big surprises for me was how much ground was covered in Righteousness, she manages to cram a great deal of action into a relatively short book. It was a question that cropped up in our interview. As best I can tell it is just her style of writing. She loves action.
Patricia is currently busy on her second book, and seems to be thinking even beyond that.

You can catch the entire interview here. Patricia Tye also has a web site that is worth a visit.

Simon Barrett

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