I stumbled across Mike Hoover not very long ago. He has two books in the ‘wild’, Kanook Kibbutznick and his latest creation Kanook II – With No Fear, both books are a fun ride. Action packed, characters over the top, and story lines that defy the law of gravity. This is action adventure at its apex.

I tracked Mike down to his lair in Canada’s Okanagan valley and caught him between shoveling his drive way and milking his cow! Yes folks, it was snowing at Mike’s place, and yes, he does indeed have a cow. He even has a YouTube video of the milking adventure.

Mike Hoover has weaved a couple of great tales with Kanook Kabbutznick and Kanook II. While wild romps, Mike is well traveled and it is those experiences that he uses as a backdrop.

We talked about many things, not necessarily directly linked to to the books.

Kanook Kabbutznick opens with the Vietnam War, a fight that was in many peoples estimation a low spot in American history. Some 60,000 young Americans fled to Canada to avoid the draft, and indeed many are still there today. Conversely almost 40,000 Canadians crossed the border and volunteered their services. There are over 100 Canadian names on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC, yet they have received no recognition from either America or Canada. It was this situation that in part created the impetus for Mike Hoover to write the book.

Mike Hoover is from a different breed of author. He is not so much looking for fame and fortune as just having fun writing.

You can catch the entire interview here, it was a great 30 minutes, and I just have a sneaking hunch that I have not heard the last of this crazy Canuck! Great guy, and a fun read, my advice is go get yourself Kanooked! The second novel Kanook II is not yet available through amazon, but if you drop Mike a line through his web site he can give you the ordering information.

Simon Barrett


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