Mary Carter is about to release her third book Sunnyside Blues. It is a rather dark book in comparison with her two previous works. In fact I was quite surprised with Sunnyside Blues, gone was the bright humor and in its place a rather grim view of the human psyche. That is not to say that it is bereft of the humor aspect, but it does not take center stage. The humor has to be sought out, it lays in dark crevices in the story.

I decided to track down Mary Carter and invite her for an interview.

It would be fair to say that while humor is without doubt an important part of her writing style, she also realizes the drifting trends in the book world. Books, like fashion change with alarming regularity.

I was a little surprised when Mary commented that Accidentally Engaged was viewed as Chick-lit. I certainly would not have put it in that category, but apparently others have. Wanting to broaden her readership she made the decision to create a work that had a wider appeal. Sunnyside Blues should achieve that goal.

I also had the opportunity to ask Mary about the whole publishing cycle. I have talked to so many authors that have been soured by the publishing process, that I assumed her story would be the same. Not so, she found an Agent very quickly, and a Publisher about a month later! It took Tom Clancy two years and more rejection letters than you can imagine, before anyone would publish what likely is his finest book ‘The Hunt For Red October’.

But even finding a publisher is by no means the end of the process. There are few authors that call ‘writing’ their main job. For every Tom Clancy, Stephen King, and J. K. Rowling, there are hundreds of thousands of fine authors who get little recognition.

It is not often that I disagree with a guest, but I feel I have to in this case. Mary insists that Sunnyside Blues falls into the category of Female Fiction, which I am guessing is the grown up version of Chick-lit. In my opinion that is rubbish, Sunnyside Blues is great fiction, pure and simple. The characters are well thought out, well developed, and the plot line is subtle, teasing, and surprising.

You can catch the entire interview with Mary Carter on BTR.

If you want to pre order your copy of Sunnyside Blues you can do it either through Amazon, or Mary Carter’s own web site.

Simon Barrett

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