Every so often I stumble across a book that really grabs me, Dominance And Delusion in most certainly in that category. And although it is less than half way through the year I just know that this one is going to make my year end top ten book list for 2009.

I tracked down the author and he agreed to an interview. My first question was what does the “M” stand for in your name? Well, I could hardly do a 30 minute interview referring to him as “M”, only 007 can do such a thing! The “M” I discovered stands for Mark.

Mark is a retired engineer who has a keen interest in anthropology. Dominance And Delusion is the result of over 30 years of research. While the two disciplines seem very far apart Mark has actually used them to his advantage. He pointed out that as an engineer you have to be skeptical of concepts, and it is that skepticism that he brings to the table in Dominance And Delusion.

The book is billed as a book of Why’s, why we do the things we do, and why we believe the the thing that we do. Certainly he gives the creationists a richly deserved bashing, but he does not stop there, in one form or another most organized religion comes into hes gun sights.

But he does not limit his observations to religion, dictators, Communism, Terrorism, and just about everything else under the sun.

It was a delightful 30 minute interview and Mark in person is as engaging as Mark in print. You can catch the entire interview on Blog Talk Radio.

Simon Barrett

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