John Cherry has just published his third book, Paul McCartney’s Solo Music Career 1970-2010. This is also his second book that is about the Beatles. His first one Better Than Lennon was a rather contentious book that certainly riled up the Lennon fans. How dare John Cherry dare to say that Paul McCartney was the better musician!

I actually enjoyed Better Than Lennon a great deal. Comparing musicians can be a very subjective excursion, however John Cherry took an interesting approach, he backed up his observations with NFL like statistics, who had the most hits, and for how many weeks, etc.

When viewed from that perspective the outcome is clear, McCartney wins by a KO!

I was not sure what to expect when John told me the ‘good’ news that Paul McCartney’s Solo Music Career 1970-2010 was about to hit the stores. I was however pretty sure that it would not be a syrupy love fest of the musicians solo career. John Cherry is a McCartney fan, that is certain, but he is also a critical analyst.

I was not disappointed,  Paul McCartney’s Solo Music Career 1970-2010 while not quite as openly contentious as Better Than Lennon will pit McCartney Fan against McCartney fan! You can read my review here.

I invited John to join me in a radio discussion as part of my Week In Reviews series. It was a most entertaining one-on-one interview. John Cherry is a realist who pulls no punches. He is also a veritable walking encyclopedia on the members of the Beatles.

If you missed the live broadcast of the program I suggest that you listen to the recording which can be found here. What were the Highs and Lows of McCartney’s long and illustrious career after the Beatles? How did his personal life effect his music? These are just the tip of the interview iceberg.

I also recommend that you read both Better Than Lennon and  Paul McCartney’s Solo Music Career 1970-2010 which can be purchased from Amazon by using the link above, and also that you visit his web site

We are also working on a follow up radio program which will be a round table with some illustrious guests (hard hats and flak jackets are recommended). I will announce details as soon as we have them finalized.

Simon Barrett

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