Jimmy Root Jr. has just published his first book Distant Thunder, it is the first of a planned trilogy The Lightning Chronicles. I was greatly impressed with Distant Thunder, and knew that I had to track down Jimmy Root Jr. to ask him about this book.

There are few perks being a book reviewer, but a vital one is often having access to the author. I have no idea how many books I have read in my 53 years, but it is a very large number. In my youth I would read a book, and I would always have questions. It might be about some aspect of the plot, it might be about what happened to the characters after the book ended, but there were always questions. Now I am in the very unique position to ask some of those questions!

Jimmy Root Jr. is an interesting man, a pastor by trade, and a novelist in his spare time. While there is no sex or cussing in Distant Thunder, there is plenty of blood and gore! But, as Jimmy points out, the bible is at times quite violent. God can show anger.

Distant Thunder
has its roots in a biblical prophecy from Ezekiel, to be exact chapters 38 and 39. These two chapters concern Israel’s enemies coming together and launching a united attack against the country, and its inhabitants. Jimmy Root Jr. has taken this theme one stage further, what if in the process the enemies also decided to include the western world in their scheme?

What if some terrorist group managed to obtain some small portable tactical nuclear weapons? What if this group managed to import them into America?

People that know me, know I love to talk, I have a pet theory talking and listening are the keys to learning. I might just have met my match with Jimmy, he gave me a run for my money 🙂

I can not wait for the next episode in The Lightning Chronicles.

You can listen to the entire interview with Jimmy Root Jr. here.  I can also recommend his web site, and after listening to the interview I just know that you will want to get a copy of Distant Thunder, you can order your copy from Amazon or from Jimmy’s site.

Simon Barrett

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