From the moment I saw the cover of Jerome Peterson’s book Thumb Flagging I just knew that I was going to enjoy it. My mother has a saying, ‘you should never judge a book by its cover’. I disagree, but that is the subject of another article, you can indeed tell a great deal about a book just by the cover! Just ask anyone in the publishing trade!

Anyway, I was correct, Thumb Flagging was a great read. So good that I had to reach out and find author Jerome Peterson. Reading Thumb Flagging took me back to the late 60’s, hitch hiking was my favorite method of transport. I have many great memories from my various adventures.

Jerome Peterson could have been my alter ego, we clearly have shared a number of experiences while conquering the ‘concrete diva’. In fact I am sure that we likely met a few of the same people on our journeys.

The world alas has changed, Thumb Flagging has gone the way of the Do-Do Bird and the Drive In Theater, but it certainly was fun to relive those great adventures.

You can listen to the entire interview here. Jerome also has a web site that is well worth a visit. You can also order your copy of this very fine book from Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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