Jeffrey Wood has just released his first novel Lyft Faetels. Although it is labeled as Science Fiction it is not your run of the mill Sci-Fi. Jeffrey has produced a superbly funny book that is filled to the brim with pieces of historic trivia.

One of the joys of being a book reviewer is interviewing authors. Ever since I was a child I have always enjoyed books, but almost enviably was left with questions, ‘boy I wish I could talk to the author?’ would be going through my mind. Well these days I get to ask my questions.

Jeffrey Wood is an engaging and interesting character. It was easy to discover his source of wonderful trivia, he majored in History. History is one of my personal favorites, so I imagine that is my source as well!

Lyft Faetels is part of a trilogy of books, and it transpires that all three are in fact already written. Inner Peace, is the second in the series, but is the first to be published. Jeffrey made that decision based on the timeliness of the subject matter in relation to recent world wide events. It is a bold move to start in the middle, but one that I think will work well in this case.

In 30 minutes we covered a great deal of ground, all of which was interesting and illuminating. We spent some time discussing the publishing industry, this part of the interview should be a must listen to for any aspiring author. The publishing world is a brutal one, writing the book is just the tip of the iceburg. Get your manuscript put together, and then the work starts. You have to deal with editors, publishers, and that evil ‘M’ word, marketing. And all of the processes require the other evil ‘M’ word, money!

You can listen to the entire interview here. I also suggest that you check out the web site accompanying the book. I am sure that once you have listened to the interview you will want to get your own copy of Lyft Faetels, you can order it from Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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