Opur’s Blade is the fourth book from the pen of James Ross. It is also the fourth adventure with The Prairie Winds Golf Course as the basic setting.

I am by no means a golf fan, my knowledge is limited to the basic terminology of the sticks clubs. There is something called a putter, I imaging that is what you use if you merely want to putter around. There is a ‘wood’, I can only assume that you use this if you are playing in a forested area. And there are various ‘irons’, growing up, my mother had a collection of them, her prized on was a ‘steam iron’. So imagine that the purpose of taking the irons out on the golf course is to maintain the sharp creases in your slacks.

I have heard a few other golfing terms, but can only guess at their meaning. Shooting a birdie is most likely a reference to disturbing a pheasant or partridge and dispatching it with the 12 gauge hidden in the mysterious large bag that golfers all seem to have. Shooting a Bogey is clearly a war time reference, and involves larger weaponry that downs a plane. Shooting an eagle on the other hand is most definitely “illegal”, they are protected and endangered!

Golf originated in Great Britain, and no doubt that is why golfers talk about “tea” times, and “teaing” off.

OK, I am joking, so please don’t send hate mail.

The real message here is that you do not need to know anything about golf to enjoy the writings of James Ross.

The backdrop may be golf, but this author explores much more far reaching social issues. The first interview I did with him revealed that (listen here).

Golf is my comfort zone

This morning we picked up where the first interview ended. Opur’s Blade may on the surface be about golf, but skulking below is a biting social commentary.

James Ross is indeed an avid golfer, proof positive came from the fact that mid way in the interview the audio quality took a bit of a nose dive.

Sorry about that I am on a golf course, and that was the mower passing by

All of James Ross’ books are available from the usual suspects, Amazon, B&N etc. You can also buy them through his web site. I know that he is running a special promotion ten ten ten, 10/10/10. If you have a golfer in your life, these books are the ideal weapons to keep him or her happy over the winter months where they can do nothing but polish their clubs or turn the living room into a putting green.

You can listen to the whole interview here.

Simon Barrett

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