I enjoyed Piercing The Veil a great deal, so much so, that I decided to pierce the veil of Eric Wentz and invite him onto my Week In Reviews radio program for an interview. I have no idea how many interviews I have conducted over the years, but it is a fairly substantial number, and every one has some unique memory, this one will always be remembered with a chuckle.

I always ask guests to call in 10 minutes early, this I do for a couple of reasons, firstly it is good for my blood pressure, there is nothing worse that conducting an interview with yourself 🙂 The second reason is that I like to have a few moments to let the guest relax and to find out a little about them.

Eric was very punctual, and we started chatting. Out of the blue he announced “Don’t worry if it gets really noisy, it just means the kids have found me”. It turns out that Eric coaches his high school track and field team, he had snuck off to the relative safety of his car to do the interview and he was worried that the team might come looking for him!

It was a fascinating 30 minutes, Eric is an English Literature teacher, coach, and Navel officer. His Navel career has taken him to many parts of the world, and it is from his memories that he sets the locations used in his book.

Although Piercing The Veil is an action/adventure novel, just based on a few of the comments that Eric made on air I am let to believe that some parts may have their roots loosely in fact. While certainly not being evasive he really did not explain too much about his exact function in the Navy.

When writing the review of Piercing The Veil I went to great lengths not to reveal much about the actual plot, that theme continued in the interview. It is a wonderful plot and one that the reader should discover for themselves. After talking to Eric I am going to reread the book, the hints that he gave me during the interview has given me some new insight into the plot itself.

When I read Piercing The Veil, I suspected that there was more to this story than met the eye! Now I am convinced. Take my advice, listen to the recording of the interview and then read the book. You will see it in a whole new light.

Here is a little piece of trivia for you, there are two versions of the cover art for the book, the one I have used in this article is the original cover art. If you look at it you will notice a photograph in the top left, if you listen to the interview you will find out who it is.

You can order your copy of Piercing The Veil from Amazon. Eric Wentz also has a web site.

Simon Barrett

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