I recently read Donna Mebane’s debut into the literary world, Tomorrow Comes. You can read my review here.

The book intrigued me. Donna Mebane tackled a difficult situation, the untimely demise of her 19 year old daughter Emma. It would have been easy to write a dark and maudlin book. But that is not the case. Instead, Tomorrow Comes is  very much a celebration of Emma. Doom and gloom are replaced by some thoughts about where Emma might be, and how much of a ruckus she might be causing.

I contacted Donna and invited her to take part in an interview. Although I have done hundreds of interviews I was a little concerned about this one. How would Donna respond to questions that are obviously touching on a very sensitive nerve.

My fears were unfounded. Donna Mebane on the radio is the same Donna Mebane that I found in print. She is articulate, intelligent and has a uniquely positive view on life, and what might happen after.

One of the aspects that I love about interviews is that new nuggets of gold about the book, the author, and their motivations are revealed.

In this case I discovered A Book Abot Chaps. Donna found a book that Emma had written in grade one. Everyone agrees that the title most likely was supposed to be A Book About Shapes, but why change a great thing?


If you missed the live interview you can listen to the recording here.

The is also a web site that talks more about Tomorrow Comes and A Book Abot Chaps. Please check out Star Shine Galaxy.

Simon Barrett


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