David Peretz has just published his second novel The Broderick Curse. It is an intricate tale of intrigue, part murder/mystery, part story of corporate skulduggery, and part study into human nature. Once again we meet NYPD detective Ross Cortese, this time his hunting ground is mainly in his own backyard of New York and Massachusetts, rather than the more exotic city of Vienna used in The Mosel Legacy.

So well written are these two novels that I could not resist the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with David Peretz to discuss both books, and life in general. One of the very few perks in the world of being a reviewer is that quite often an author is open to talking to you. I love to get the story behind the story!

It transpires that David Peretz is a Psychiatrist by profession, so I am not sure if I was analyzing him, or he was analyzing me 🙂

It still was a wonderful 30 minutes, and he answered many of the questions I had about both The Mosel Legacy and The Broderick Curse. I certainly know a great deal about the background to both of these exceedingly well written works.

The Mosel Legacy is set mainly in Austria with Vienna as the backdrop. The re-emergence of the Neo-Nazi movement is one of the themes explored. David will be receiving the ‘Key To The City” anytime soon though. His portrayal of Vienna is at times less than flattering. A wonderful facade hiding a rather grim underbelly. It transpires that this aspect of the plot line came to him while on a plane to Paris. A newspaper article sparked his interest, the article talked about the growing Neo-Nazi movement in Austria. Vienna also has the dubious honor of where Adolf Hitler learned much that would lead to his future direction.

The Broderick Curse finds our hero Ross Cotese playing on his home turf of New York. A place that David Peretz has called home for his entire life. He explained that he wrote his first novel at aged 16, mostly written while sitting on the roof of an apartment block in the Bronx, but it took him till he was in his sixties to revisit the world of fiction and actually publish.

I also discovered that David is no beginner in the world of publishing, as author, co-author, or editor he has been involved in about 15 other projects, but these were of a non-fiction nature.

For those of you that have read The Mosel Legacy and The Broderick Curse, there is some very good news, a third book that is titled Revenge is in the works. Currently it is about 30% complete, and he does hope to have it published next year.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

If you know someone that enjoys a great thriller I recommend that you buy them a copy of The Mosel Legacy and The Broderick Curse for Christmas. You can order both books through Amazon. David also has a web site in support of the books.

Simon Barrett

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