I recently had the opportunity to read C.P. Stewart’s debut novel Through The Triangle. I am not usually a big fan of science fiction, but this author knows how to blend reality with just enough touch of the unknown to make for a book that will appeal to a wider audience than most sci-fi oriented books.

I decided to track down C.P. Stewart and lure him into an interwiew.

The first thing I wanted to unveil is who is C.P. Stewart, authors that only publish their first initials always intrigue me. There is something mysterious about them. A quick email revealed that his name is Charles. Mission accomplished 🙂

Charles Stewart is a semi retired high school and university teacher who specializes in physics. That factoid alone was enough to make me think long and hard about Through The Triangle. The science used in the book is by no means outlandish, it has been well thought out and beleivable. What might the world look like in 300 years? What events might have occured between now anf then that would shape civilization?

Through The Triangle is the culmination of an idea that Charles Stewart had some twenty years ago while on vacation, finally he decided to commit it to paper.

Charles Stewart is an interesting man with an interesting career one that includes being a wrestling coach, involved in stock car racing, and of course teaching Physics.

In fact if you look carefully at Through The Triangle you can find elements of all three things.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

Simon Barrett

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