Byron Lorrier has just published a a very dark satirical novel Murder In The Magick Club. I enjoyed it a great deal, my review can be read here. He has created a wonderful cast of delightfully vile characters.

I had the opportunity to interview Byron on Blog Talk Radio. It was to say the least an entertaining 45 minutes. I am sure I am not alone in having the stereotype image of attorney’s being a rather staid and serious lot. Not so with Byron Lorrier, this guy could be a stand up comic!

Murder In The Magick club is his first foray into the literary world, and he is certainly leaving his mark. Early indications are that this book is going to go far.

There is a question that I ask quite often of a first time author, and that is how or why they chose the publishing house that printed the book. Byron’s story is quite unique, he was accepted by a traditional publisher, then 6 months later was rejected because of the financial problems the house found themselves in. Unperturbed Byron found another publisher, six months later they too has financial issues and dropped the project. But, as the saying goes, third time is a charm, and Amazon’s self publishing arm Book Surge took on the project.

Clearly Byron has been bitten by the writing bug, he is currently working on his second book, and he assured me that the same despicable cast of miscreants will be featured. No firm release date has been set, but May 2010 seems to be the aim point.

One thing that came up in regard to the reprobates he features is that some professional editors he talked with suggested that he make the main character a ‘good guy’. In my mind that would have ruined the whole book! It is the seediness and cynicism of his characters that make Murder In The Magick Club the great read that it is.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

Murder In The Magic Club is available from Amazon, and Byron is in the process of creating a web site. I have a feeling that once he gets that running at full steam we will be getting regular doses of his biting wit. (I will post the link as soon as I have it).

Simon Barrett

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