My guest today was Armando Aldazabal, Armando has two books in print What You Are Turning Me Into and Cocaine Memoirs. Both concern the ugly world of street drugs. Both are earthy works. Both explore the ugly world of the addict as seen through the addicts eyes.

The government makes much about the ‘war on drugs’, but is there actually any forward movement?

It was with this thought in mind that I entered into the arena. Armando is a very nice guy, and while not part of the drug culture himself, has friends and alas, ex friends who were. What greater testament can you have in any story than the story of those fallen in battle?

Drugs are by no means a new phenomena, in one shape or another that have been our companion for centuries. Chewing the coaca leaf adds stamina, alas in its refined state it adds a new component, death.

Opium was the drug of choice in the days of Sherlock Holmes, Opium has flourished in its refined form as heroin.

Armando writes in a nitty gritty style. A style that shocks, and yet is morish to the reader.

He is working hard on his third book, and while all are ‘fiction’, all have that nasty ‘reality’ about them.

The world of drugs is not a glamorous one. Drugs and death are close bedfellows. Lovers in a deadly embrace. The opium dens of Sherlock’s time have given way yo the Crack Houses of today. Both are deadly, both should have a warning sign. ‘Dammed all who enter!’

It was an interesting interview, and we had several callers. The program was part author interview and part general discussion on the war on drugs, and what can possibly be done to solve it.

The entire program can be listened to here.

Simon Barrett

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