Art is an interesting man, he has owned a number of enterprises in his career, and now retired, has decided to take on the subject of political reform.

I don’t know how many articles I have read on this thorny subject, but it is a lot. Usually there is a slant to them, they favor one party or the other. I admire Art, he hates them all. He has some pretty interesting ideas, and ideas that should scare both sides. Of course the idea of implementing term limits is not a concept that the average politician would vote for. And lets face it, its the politicians that write the legislation. Politicians talk a good line while seeking election but all seem to change their tune once in office.

Senators and Congressmen make careers out of being politicians, even worse, they squander our tax payer dollars like bread crumbs on a duck pond.

Art has just released a new book Election Hangover, it explores many of the problems with our current system. Art is not trying to make a million dollars, but he would be so happy is he can get his message to a million people.

I read Election Hangover, and at a scant 50 pages, it is not War And Peace’. It is an easy read, and an interesting read. Art talks about subjects near and dear to our hearts and wallets. The book is full of interesting tid bits about political life. Did you know that there are 35,000 registered lobbyists? That makes a staggering 70 for each elected official. Or as I quipped to Art, they can have someone different pay for lunch every day for two and a half months! Equally bizarre, NASA has 100 astronauts on their payroll yet only two space shuttles. There is so much waste it is incomprehensible, no private company could stay in business this way. Of course that is the whole point, these career politicians have no idea about the real world. They are happy to live in the cloistered world of government.

On a much grander scheme we have the current bailouts. The government puts forward the idiocy that these institutions are too big to fail. So what happens? We end up rewarding incompetence. I know that if I do not work hard I will make no money, with no money I can not pay my bills, will the government bail me out? Hell no. I would just become another statistic. But, if I were a Harvard trained MBA earning millions every year and running a large corporation ineptly they would hand me a few billion dollars as a reward!

I caught up with Art and lured him onto my talk radio show.

It was a lively hour of political discussion and the callers certainly seemed to have a point to make.

We started off with some technical problems, however I am a big fan of Jock Bartley, and it is not often that I get to listen to him. So we started the show with a couple of Jock Bartley tracks. Once we got the technical issues out of the way life was good.

I always enjoy talking to Art and he certainly was on good form. If you do not know about Art Woodrow and his campaign for reform you should check out his web site the Democracy Conservator Foundation, you can also download a copy of his ebook Election Hangover. Better yet, it is completely free.

It was a fun hour, and one that every one should listen to. Art Woodrow is an entertaining and informed guy. Listen here.

Simon Barrett


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