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Leiberman takes apart Iraq Withdrawal Proposal

Once upon a time, not all that long ago, the state of Connecticut had a Senator who was a Democrat.  His name was Joe Leiberman.  More recently, Connecticut has a Senator who is neither a Republican or a Democrat, but an Independent, a very rare breed for a politician in this country.  His name is Joe Leiberman.

The other day, this Independent addressed his fellow Senators regarding the lastest proposal for pulling our troops out of Iraq.  We came across this on another blog, posted by our friends at The Idiom.  The text of the speech is something everyone should read, be you Right Wing, Left Wing, or on a slow boat to China.

Here are a few references, ‘non-partisan’ references, that he made about the troop plan being championed by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, and others.

I ask my colleagues to take a step back for a moment and consider this plan.

This makes no moral sense at all.

It also makes no strategic or military sense either.

Al Qaeda is trying to cause a full-fledged civil war in Iraq.

The Majority Leader said on Monday that he believes U.S. troops will still be able to conduct “targeted counter-terror operations” under his plan.

How, exactly, are U.S. forces to carry out targeted counter-terror operations, after you have ordered them cut off from the very source of intelligence that drives these operations?

In reference to the current administration, Leiberman said…

For most of the past four years, under Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, the United States did not try to establish basic security in Iraq. Rather than deploying enough troops necessary to protect the Iraqi people, the focus of our military has been on training and equipping Iraqi forces.

That strategy failed—and we know why it failed. It failed because we didn’t have enough troops to ensure security, which in turn created an opening for Al Qaeda and its allies to exploit.

On the new strategy contained in the new Democratic proposal…

For years, many members of Congress recognized this. We talked about this. We called for more troops, and a new strategy, and—for that matter—a new secretary of defense.

Now critics in Congress have changed their minds and decided that the old, failed strategy wasn’t so bad after all.

What has changed so that the strategy that we criticized and rejected in 2006 suddenly makes sense in 2007?

There is one simple answer, which Leiberman knows, but his colleagues won’t ever admit.
Partisan politics, winning votes, shifting with the political winds.

We’ve only glossed through some of the highlights here, the whole thing is an excellent read.  You really should go take a look.

Full text of speech: Leiberman.Senate.Gov

Hat tip: The Idiom

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