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Documentary plans to challenge Gore

The icebergs are melting!  The ocean is rising!  New York will become an aquarium!  Let’s all step back, and take a breath here.  It’s not that long ago that an ice age was predicted.

There is a climate shift occurring, no doubt about that.  It’s been another warm, pleasant, December week here in New Jersey, where we should be shivering our way toward the new year.  Anyone notice that last week it was -6 in the midwest?  Guess it has something to do with wind patterns, etc, arctic air sweeping down from the north, then bumped away by a warmer system moving up from the south, which would explain the nice weather the northeast is having.  I did hear something about an early El Nino~ too, which could have something to do with it, but then, what do I know, I don’t work for the Weather Channel.  I’m just going to take another walk along the river in the sunshine today, and enjoy it.

Speaking of the Weather Channel, what happened to all those dire predictions for this year?  After Florida got waffled by I forget how many hurricanes, and Katrina battered most of the Gulf Coast, 2006 was predicted to be the worst hurricane season ever.  We were even thinking of moving to Kansas.  What’s the occassional tornado compared to a dozen back to back hurricanes?

How many did we have?
How many made landfall this year?
My mind must be slipping, because I don’t remember any.
Search engine time again.
Let’s go look it up.
There it is… none… zip… nada… not one.

Now I’m not saying let’s forget about Mother Nature all together.  We do need to be responsible global citizens, but let’s not fall prey to the Chicken Little syndrome, let’s not see that the ‘sky is falling’ every time we look up.  There are other man-made predicaments that can affect warming and cooling, and these are things that we ‘can’ do something about, like what we’ve pictured below, for instance.

Full Story: CNS News

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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