The new identity theft protection and recovery service by Truston is live. The service is unique because it doesn’t require you to give up your personal information, which could be stored in a database, and used to commit identity theft if it falls into the wrong hands.

In case you’ve missed the weekly stories, databases are being compromised all the time and according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (which is keeping tabs), 97,326,222 people in the United States have been compromised by data-breaches since February, 2005.

I probably need to make a disclaimer that this number might grow before I publish this post. Nonetheless, here are the ugly statistics as of this writing.

Tom Fragala, who is the CEO and a former identity theft victim himself did a great post on his blog describing the service:

myTruston is a web-based service that protects you from identity theft. It is simple and safe.

How simple? One minute sign up. And myTruston works by providing you a recipe-like format, one task at a time, for dealing with identity theft. That goes for both prevention and recovering from fraud.

Why is it safe? Because our members never send us any confidential personal information. All we need is your email address to help you. Every other prevention and recovery service requires you to give them your name, address, SSN, and even power of attorney.

What does it cost? Our prevention services will always be free! And our recovery services are free until January 2007.

We’re getting some nice kudos from people. You can see an updated list here. One example:

“Very slick. You’re a genius for coming up with something so simple yet effective & helpful. I’ll definitely spread the word.” – Jed Tucker, myTruston member

The bottom line is that finally we have a resource where someone can protect themselves and recover (if they are victimized) without putting themselves at additional risk.

And even I had no problem “navigating” it!

Here’s the previous post, I did about myTruston:

Truston – An Identity Theft Service I Trust

If you would like to check out myTruston, link here.

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