Well everyone else uses Exclusive and Bombshell, so I thought I’d take the words out for a spin! Personally I think they are overrated.

As everyone now knows Cobra has resolved the charges brought against him over an incident with Daniel Snodgrass. Cobra had become involved in the search for Haleigh Cummings, and Daniel Snodgrass became ‘a person of interest’.

For a few days over a year Cobra has had the Sodgrass charges hanging over his head. Experts in the Florida statutes concerned with the governance and regulation of the Bail Bond industry were in unanimous agreement that no law had been broken. Those experts included Sally Bird who was one of the people that actually crafted the statute, and Robert Dicker who now teaches a University Of Florida course on the Bail Bond industry.

None the less the good folks in Putnam County continued on in their quest to prosecute Cobra.

Now that he has had the threat of a 13-15 year jail sentence removed from the table he can once more piece his life back together.

One thing is clear, while he holds no real grudge against the State Prosecutors who pushed this case forward, he does indeed hold a very large grudge against some news organizations, and one reporter in particular. Under normal circumstances one might be tempted to say “just get over it, just forget it and move on with your life.”

This however is not a normal situation. This particular reporter was on the payroll of Cobra at the time that certain events occurred, and has with-held what might be referred to as ‘Work Product’. These tapes could well have been the key to resolving the court case months ago.

I think it is fair to say that we have not heard the last of this story. For several months I have heard rumblings from several credible sources, and from todays conversation it would appear that a civil suit  with Cobra and some other as yet un-named (well unpublished names) is getting close to being filed.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

During the interview I did have one eye on the chatroom that our listeners hang out in, and I was very impressed at how supportive they all were of Cobra. Also how concerned they were for his well being.

I spoke to him after the program, and he wanted me to convey his gratitude to everyone, both he and Paula are grateful for the support that everyone has given them.

The fact that Cobra can once more resume his life is great news for everyone except the ‘bad guys’. If you are a bad guy and spot this vehicle heading your way, take my advice and hightail it to Putnam County. That is the one place that you will be safe, but only for the next year!


Many have made disparaging remarks about how significant Cobra’s efforts have been in helping locate Haleigh Cummings. Well folks, if it was not for Cobra’s efforts and money, the story would never have made it to HLN, and it would be a long forgotten cold case!

The story of how the story of Haleigh Cummings became a staple on HLN’s Nancy Grace program is a story by itself. Maybe one of these days I will write about it, it is a fine example of the ‘six layers of separation’. It was also hardly a chance situation. But I will save that for another day.

Simon Barrett

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