This is a very noble cause and I would like to thank K T Dodge for her impressive work script-writing, filming, editing and producing. As many of you may know I suffered from colon cancer last year. And about this time I was having rather nasty complications. As of July I am cancer free. Needless to say when I was approached to help with this cause I jumped at the chance.To have cancer that is not easily, if is ever, dealt with is rather difficult to even contemplate.   This appeal is quite specific so we need as much visibility as possible. I would like to thank Simon for letting me post this here to seek out possible donors.  The requirement are fairly easy…the donor has to be under 35, have a family history that is bereft of cancer including oneself and be willing to offer oneself up to help. On the website listed in the video there is more information on how you can help. There is a simple questionnaire to send to the people dealing with Chris’ care. Its really rather straightforward.  

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