Last week Amy Winehouse reportedly collapsed in her London home. Her father, Mitch Whinehouse took her to the hospital where they put her through numerous tests. Now her father has confirmed that Amy has emphysema.

“The doctors have said that is she had continued the way she was going she would have ended up an invalid. She wouldn’t have been able to breathe,” says Mitch Winehouse. He went on to tell Britain’s Daily Mail, “With smoking the crack cocaine and the cigarettes her lungs are all gunked up. There are nodules around the chest and dark marks. She’s got 70% lung capacity.”

“The doctors have told her if she goes back to smoking drugs it won’t just ruin her voice , it will kill her, says Mitch. He also said that the doctors has warned his daughter that if she doesn’t follow their advise she may end up forced to wear a permanent oxygen mask in order to survive.

The singer’s father wants her drug dealers and her drug addict friends, including Pete Doherty, who has been spending time with the 24 year old since he was released from prison, to stay away from his daughter. “I’m saying to those drug dealers, and they know who they are, if they are supplying crack to Amy, then they have got to tale responsibility. I don’t want her hanging out with her mates like Pete Doherty either, says Mitch.

Amy suffered two seizures in this past year and also is suffering from irregular heartbeats when she was admitted to private London hospital, The Clinic, which is being treated now with medication.

The singer has agreed to start in a drug replacement program. She claims she wants to turn her life around and has promised to stay clean.

Jan Barrett

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