Juliana Cuddles is a book that kids and parents alike will love to snuggle up with this Winter. Amy Arnaz or Miss Amy as she’s known throughout her hometown of Boulder City, Nevada continues The Little Haley Stories with her sophomore release of Juliana Cuddles. Now, if you haven’t read her first book The Magic Tutu, I highly recommend it and you don’t have to really like ballet to enjoy it. 

Julianna Cuddles continues where The Magic Tutu left off on December 17th, Haley’s Seventh Birthday as she recounts the days events. If you read the first book, you’ll know that this is a very important day in Haley’s life (I don’t want to spoil it for those haven’t read it yet). Chapter two is where we meet the main character of the book, Desiree, Haley’s Cousin who lives next door in her Duplex. Told from Haley’s point of view, she and Desiree learn a few things about life as Desi seeks out her “perfect cat”. Of course, they get a little help from Haley’s Mom, Grandma, Uncle Tom and Big Desi. 

Juliana Cuddles is filled with nine heart-warming chapters about kittens, ballet, family, friendship and Grandma “magic”. All of The Little Haley Stories are based on real life events. This comes through in the illustration which are real life photographs taken from Miss Amy’s family album (ballet pictures taken by Andy Cattoir). The photographs give the reader and those that are being read to a very intimate relationship with the characters as well as the author. 

As a parent and a frequent reader of children’s books I enjoyed this book but the true test of a good children’s book is the children. And, immediately after reading it to mine, it was applauded with the repetitive phrase “Again Daddy, Again!”

Amy Arnaz’s books, CD’s and dolls can all be purchased at www.TheMagicTutu.com and are also available through Amazon.com. 

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