The Magic Tutu is a new children’s book by first time author Amy Arnaz, founder of the Boulder City Ballet Company with husband and actor Desi Arnaz Jr.; she was once a professional ballet dancer herself. The book is co-authored by Dr. Ellen Dickstein, a psychologist who has written journals and books on the subject of psychology.

The Magic Tutu stems from one of the many stories she used to tell to her young ballet students before class. Originating from real life incidents and experiences, she called these stories The Adventures of Haley and her Golden Bear and was very popular among the local children (she would read them at the local elementary school). Amy turned some of these stories into ballets, which she would have her ballet class perform at local venues to sell out crowds; The Magic Tutu was one of them.

The Magic Tutu is a wonderful story about a little girl who learns life lessons through her experiences as a budding young ballerina. The story is full of moral experiences and endearing moments. It was a delight to read this book to my two-year-old daughter. It took us a couple of nights to finish it but every night she would say, “tutu Daddy, please read tutu”

The thing I found rather interesting is that the book is illustrated with actual photographs. I’m so used to reading children’s books that are graphically treated; this was a pleasant change. I think the photographs make the characters more relative and it they seem to draw you closer to the author as well.

The Magic Tutu is available for sale online at Also the CD of the book and an adorable hand-made Little Haley Doll is available at All proceeds of the sale of the book and merchandise go directly to help Amy Arnaz’s non-profit Boulder City Ballet Company.

Amy Arnaz is a wonderful writer and I can’t wait for her next book in her series of Little Haley Stories, Julianna Cuddles.

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