The quest for a usable and affordable electric car has been the quest of many companies. To date no-one seems to have quite managed. In fact some of the schemes seem to border on scams. the ZAP is a great example. They managed to not only scam the customers, but also dealerships. I am always leery of great new ideas, particularly when they seem to provide a better Mouse trap.

So I have to admit that when I read this press release I was somewhat skeptical. It claims to get 150 miles on a single charge, and offers 0-60 in 5.7 seconds with ‘Zero Emissions, Zero Pollution, Zero Gasoline Needed’.

The vehicles are Saturn’s, you can buy your own and have it converted for the low low price of $25,000 or let them handle the whole meal deal for a cool $50,000.

They are taking orders right now for 2009 delivery, but I am not sure I would bet on it.

“The prototype is in the final stage, and production will take place later this year, with deliveries beginning in 2009,” said Jack Kuntz, AMP CEO.

Without even a demo unit to display, I would say that you are risking a lot. Most scams at least have a mock up of their world changing device. Lets hope that you don’t need that $50k. Electric has become the holy grail of the auto industry, but so far it is a dead battery. Will AMP be the next breakthrough, or is AMP just a high energy con? I am a believer that you can tell a lot about a company just by the design of their webs site Hmm. lots of gloss, and it certainly was not put together by a 13 year old MySpace user. But does the glitz equate to product?

Simon Barrett

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