[Khalid Amayreh is an email friend met though his participation in peace discussion groups.  As a Palestinian under the Israeli occupation, he is restricted in his work, journalism, for which he was trained in the U.S. — denied permission even to attend international conferences in his field.  His family has suffered directly the deadly effects of the occupation:


He is angry, as are increasing numbers of Middle Easterners faced with the self-righteous claims of a Bush (“I act on my principles.”)  and Blair (“I did what was right — Britain is special, the greatest nation on earth.”).

How sad it was to have these latter day colonizers united  (as are the two logs necessary to maintain a fire)  in their ugly assault on Iraq and its peoples.  We have not been waging a war on terror.  Terror is a concept.  We have been attacking mainly civilians with modern weapons of war and slaughtering far too many of them.  Decent people everywhere are appalled and, as Khalid, see here echoes of the horrors of 20th century Nazism.  May we extract ourselves from such self-righteous madness as soon as we can regain control of our states’ democratic processes.    Ed Kent]


America’s ugly face in the Muslim world

By Khalid Amayreh

9 May, 2007

On  Wednesday, 9 May, an American helicopter gunship attacked a primary school in the Dayala  province , south east of Baghdad, killing and maiming several Iraqi children. And as usual,  American occupation officials in Baghdad labeled the carnage “collateral damage.”

On Tuesday, 8 May, American warplanes attacked civilians in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, killing more than forty women and children. Many other sleeping civilians were injured, some very badly, according to news reports.

Unfortunately, such crimes have  assumed a shocking frequency.  A few weeks ago, more than fifty Afghan civilians were killed in  American bombing of their homes in southern Afghanistan.

The pornographic killings even embarrassed the American puppet regime in Kabul as “President” Hamid Karazai urged American occupation and NATO forces to be more careful with civilians.

It is widely believed that ever since the American-European invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq a few years ago, over half a million Iraqis and  tens of thousands of Afghanis have been killed either directly by western invaders or as an indirect result of the chaos, lawlessness and sectarian wars triggered by the collapse of central authority in these two countries.

This  barbaric onslaught against Muslim nations seems to be  motivated by malicious hatred of Islam on the part of the Nazi-like Bush Administration which vowed to launch a worldwide crusade against Muslims right after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

George Bush,  who can be called the Führer of the White House, the Adolph Hitler of our time,  and his terrorist administration have been making all kinds of cheap and brazen lies to justify their Wehrmacht-like worldwide rampage against Muslims, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, the Philippines, Palestine and other parts of the world.

In Iraq, they claimed they wanted to rid the country of weapons of mass destruction that turned out to be non-existent. Then the professional liars and spin-masters  claimed to be trying to foster democracy, this whore-like mantra in whose name this evil empire and its European allies have been committing every conceivable crime against humanity against virtually unprotected innocent people.

Having failed to find the sought-after weapons,  the original alibi for the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the evil empire  decided to destroy and mutilate  the entire country and set Iraq on fire, turning Shiites against Sunnis and Sunnis against Shiites and Arabs against Kurds and Kurds against Arabs and so on.

So, Iraq has virtually become even worse than Germany following the end of the Second World War, decimated to smithereens while the criminal hypocrite at the White House  and the Pentagon keep claiming that “we are making progress.”

This evil man, George Bush,  doesn’t even have the guts to ask the Iraqis “are you now better off or worst off than you were under the regime of Saddam Hussein.?”

Of course, every body knows the answer in advance. The Iraqis, or at least most of them,  are truly  missing Saddam Hussein’s despotic regime. At least they could then walk in the streets safely without having to worry about  getting haphazardly killed by  ubiquitous death squads and suicide bombings in every street, every neighborhood and even in every market.

In Afghanistan the story is replicated and the smell of lies, hypocrisy and criminality is wafting all over the tormented country, so much that many, probably most,  Afghanis are missing the  days of the Taliban when Afghani civilians were not gunned haphazardly by foreign soldiers speaking English and other European languages.

In the Arab world,  evil America has also been spewing its venom and poisonous lies. In the initial years of the Bush administration, we were told that the new administration would seek to foster democracy in the region and get America’s tyrannical allies to democratize and allow their tormented masses a semblance of freedom of speech and civil liberties.

Some people, though not too many, gave these promises the benefit of the doubt, either due to their naïveté or ignorance of the American political thinking, or because they were too frustrated and too desperate for democratic reforms in the Arab world.

However,  the American promises soon evaporated and instead of fostering democracy and getting these despotic regimes in countries such as Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf Sheikhdoms to allow their people to breathe,  the Bush administration asked them to unholy partners in the war against “terror.”  Among other things, this meant granting accommodation to America’s notorious   “rendition flights”, in other words agreeing to do America’s dirty work by  torturing  Muslim suspects into making confessions that would indict them for committing terrorist acts which they may have never committed. After all, people may say anything under torture and coercion.

Well, what about the American ideal that confessions made under duress have no credibility?  Well, this is not the only ideal this criminal administration has violated  in order to satisfy its evil ideology.

In Somalia,  America’s ugly face is also crystal clear. When the Union of Islamic Courts finally succeeded in nearly unifying much of the country and putting an end to years of gangsterism,  banditry and brigandage,  the Bush Administration bribed the Ethiopian regime into invading and occupying Somalia, resulting in a huge human catastrophe.

And in Palestine,  America’s criminal fingers seem to never give up trying to ignite civil war among Palestinians, all in order to enable the Judeo-Nazi Israeli regime to effect and perfect its slow-motion genocide against these hapless victims of  ethnic East European Ashkenazi supremacy.

This is the same evil administration that told the Palestinians that they should hold democratic elections, but when they did in January 2006  and Hamas won the polls, it frowned in their faces  and mobilized the world’s influential powers to boycott and starve them as if Palestinians were supposed to elected America’s and Israel’s quislings who  would sell out their national patrimony for American dollars.

Well, as Arabs and Muslims, even as dignified human beings, we must have had enough of this evil America, a country that once exterminated untold millions of native Americans and called it manifest destiny.

It is imperative therefore that we should take our destiny in our own hands and try to strengthen ourselves and cooperate in constructive manner  with all free-minded people around the world, including numerous  conscientious Americans who don’t accept the evil policies of Bush.


“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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