After a couple of months hiatus our weekly program about the world of bail bonds returned. Joining me on air was veteran Bondsman and Recovery Agent (Bounty Hunter) William Cobra Staubs of The Bondzman and his partner Matthew Silver Todd. Also on air we had Dan Abraham of Michigan.

I can honestly say that none of my programs are scripted, I jest tend to have a few notes to jog my memory. With AMU the notes are superfluous. I never know where the discussion will lead.

In 2009 I knew nothing about Bail Bonds but because of a missing child case I met the one and only William Cobra Staubs. I have talked to Leonard and Duane, frankly they bore me. I never get bored with Cobra. He always pulls the rabbit out of the hat. Yesterday was no exception.

I suspect that one Robert Padilla of Denver, CO will need a bottle of Tums. The link to the program is here, the fun starts at the 1 hour mark. It would be unfair to spill the beans, it is better to listen to the recording.

Is Robert selling snake oil? Good question. The better question however is much more serious. Does he have a marshal in his back pocket that has the ‘pull’ to ‘Ping’ phones? I seriously doubt that Law Enforcement would be very happy knowing that an agent was moonlighting. In fact I could see some serious vacation time, all expenses paid, in a government facility.

I suggest that everyone listen to the recording and make your own decision.

Simon Barrett

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