This week on Americas Most Unwanted the program that takes the listener inside the world of Bail Bonds we will be discussing the somewhat controversial subject of Pre-Trial Release. One view is that by someone entering the program it is a de-facto admission of guilt. Others grumble that while the basic premise of the program was well meaning, a way to assist indigent people who cannot afford a bail bond avoid pre-trial jail time, over time the system has become overused, misused and a huge burden on the taxpayer.

Some say that the Failure To Appear rate is so high that it would be more cost effective to release the defendant on their Own Recognizance. After all the net result is the same, a warrant is issued and no-one actively goes looking for the person, OR however costs effectively nothing, PTR on the other hand is a burden on the tax payer.

Joining me to discuss this subject are Bond Recovery Agents William Cobra Staubs and Matthew Todd. Rod Dowston Managing general agent for SURETY three and Palmetto insurance Corporation. Mark A. Heffernan- National Managing General Agent, Surety Corporation of America.

Please join us at 3pm eastern on Saturday October/11 for what I am sure will be an interesting conversation. To listen in live use this link.

Simon Barrett

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