There is little doubt that Rolin Tony Joseph is one of Americas Most Unwanted. I must admit I have a soft spot for Rolin aka Messy. The guy is as dumb as a stump! A great example is this video.

Poor Rolin is now behind bars, and the chances of someone coming up with the $35,000 bond seems remote. Four Failure To Appear charges would scare off even the most keen Bail Bonds company. Oh and his current situation is that he is on a ‘No Bond Hold’. This must be a great weight off of every Bondsman in the Florida area.

William ‘Cobra’ Staubs was asked to to help in the recovery of Messy.


While Messy may be indeed be messy online, he proved to be quite tricky to actually locate in real life.

messy mugshot

I have to admit that while I am pretty good on the computer tracking down information, I am not so well qualified in hunting down fugitives, I leave that to the experts.

The hunt for Rolin Joseph proved to be harder than anticipated. But, he is now behind bars.

The story of Rolin Joseph is a book waiting to be written. How a 28 year old could manage a 10 page rap sheet deifies logic. Even stranger, the rap sheet reveals a series of incredibly stupid crimes, crimes that I had never considered. He seems to avoid violence, which is a good thing. He also has never been busted for drugs. This surprises me. I find it odd that Messy could post videos like the one above without some serious recreational pharmaceuticals.

Join us on Saturday at 3pm eastern to get the story behind Messy, the link is here.

Simon Barrett

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