Well I had to change the title to avoid any conflict of interest with a certain well known TV program. Julio Requena is most certainly on the list of most unwanted. I seriously doubt any community would welcome him with open arms.



So what is his story? It started back in March 2013 when police officers attempted to arrest Julio Requena for a string of house break ins. Rather than go compliantly, he rammed the police car with his black Mazda.

This is not generally a great move to endear yourself with law enforcement. The Sun Sentinel had this to say 

The Palm Beach Post reported another close encounter of the Julio Requena kind in October 2013. This time he was ‘impaired’ and the cause of damage to two vehicles.

Yup he is a class act. Needless to say Julio managed to NOT turn up for his court dates. I asked the Recovery Agent (fancy name for bounty hunter) William Cobra Staubs about his hunt for this miscreant.

 His mother has made a recent trip to Jamaica it is possible that he went there however we do believe that he may still be in hidden in Florida and the search continues

Anyone with information as to where this individual may be hiding is urged to contact Broward County Sheriffs office or William Cobra Staubs.



Cobra can be contacted at caseclosed@bellsouth.net

Simon Barrett

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