If you are not familiar with this interesting case a good place to start is this article. If reading is not your strong suit then I recommend that you listen to last Saturdays broadcast, you can find that here.

In a case like this, Saturday was a million years ago! Every single day counts. Few people, the police included are buying into the story that John Charles Price is dead.

People collect the strangest things, beer mats, match books, Hat pins, oh there are no end of items coveted by collectors. But how many people do you know collect live bullets? Mr. Price had somewhere in the region of 3000 of them hidden in his motor-home. You must share my perplexity when I tell you that no guns were recovered.

Supposedly on the morning he went missing he was shrimp fishing from a canoe with a friend. Now I have seen some pretty big shrimp in my time, but I have never heard of anyone needing a gun to deal with even the most unruly of them!

Price did indeed own a canoe, as of last Saturday it was outside of his mothers house. This was confirmed by two different sources. As of yesterday it has gone missing. Odd really, Mr. Price’s mother does not seem to be the out doors type.

The police seemed to have lost interest in finding Mr. Price, but there are a group of people that are hot on the trail. I had an opportunity to get an update this afternoon from William Cobra Staubs, who was one of the agents on site last night. This audio is to say the least illuminating. You can listen to it here.

Simon Barrett

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