I just could not resist the title. Cobra is actually bail bond recovery agent, William “Cobra” Staubs. Messy is actually  Rolin Tony Joseph.

Messy has an interesting story, he does indeed have a messy past. In the study of stupidity, age knows no bounds. One might think that by age 28 Messy might have learned something, alas that is not the case. I rather like this video

So what has this magnet to women done? Oh, the rap sheet reads like a 1000 page book by a Russian novelist.


He seems like such a nice guy 🙂

messy mugshot

It is amazing to me that at age 28 he has managed to acquire such a reputation. Four Failure To Appear charges, a couple of Driving Without A license, a couple of resisting arrests. and my favorite, filing a false Child Abuse charge against one in his harem.

I Find it hard to think that any Bail Bond Company would be prepared to even entertain the idea of letting this lunatic out.

Right now Messy is on a no bond hold, but should that change and the charges not, the bond sits at $35,000.

I was somewhat surprised that it took Cobra this long to nab Messy. However in this instance there appears to be someone on the inside that was keeping Messy informed of the plans.

It matters not one iota now, if nothing else the world has been (at least temporarily) rid of a Facebook idiot.

Simon Barrett

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